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General Conference

Supreme Body of the Federation is its members’ General Conference.

General Conference is held at least once a year. General Conference can make any decisions connected with the Federation’s activity that is not contradicting with demands of this regulation.

Each member of General Conference has only one vote.




Management Board

is a head of executive body of the Federation and is one of the principal bodies leading current activity of the Federation during General inter-Conference period. The chairman of the Management Board is considered as the President of the Federation.

Management Board consists of 12 members.

Decisions of Management Board are made with the ordinary majority of votes in an open voting manner.



Supervisory Commission

is one of the principal bodies which realize control and inspection activity in the Federation and it consists of 5 members and a chairman.

Supervisory Commission reviews written applications entered by bodies and members of the Federation within a month and answers appropriately.



Supreme council of capoeira masters

is one of the principal bodies which recognizes capoeira masters in the world, records them, as well as, prepares technical procedural rules of capoeira in Federation.

Master registered by Council is considered as a member of this body. 

Number of members of Council is not limited.



Arbitral Tribunal

is one of the main bodies of the Federation which solves disputable problems between members of the Federation and its decision is obligatory for all members.

Each member of the Federation may apply to Arbitral Tribunal with the statement of claim related to disputable issue.