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The decision about foundation of the World Capoeira Federation (WCF) was accepted by the participants of the 3rd World Capoeira Forum held in Baku city, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic for the purpose of uniting capoeira in its current retail state under the single organization, on 18 of June, 2011.


Later on October 2011 WCF was established in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia and passed state registration (registration code: 80334399. Date of registration November 04, 2011). 

To promote capoeira as a kind of sport, to involve the people to mass competitions, to make friendly and fraternal relations between national capoeira federations, groups and schools by joining them together, as well as to gain of entering capoeira into Olympic Games are the goals of the federation.


World Capoeira Federation recognizes capoeira as a cultural heritage of Brazil, respects its historical roots and philosophy. WCF considers a priority the development of capoeira as a kind of sport.


World Capoeira Federation organizes World and European Championships as well as international tournament and workshops where can participate all capoeira groups.
Today WCF is the strongest worldwide capoeira organization with a strenuous, smart and serious staff.

World Capoeira Federation includes national capoeira federations of different international groups, such as "Capoeira Brasil", "MUZENZA", "AXE Capoeira", "Capoeira Berimba" etc...