Firstly, it should be noted that according to the decision of the Management Board of the World Capoeira Federation (WCF), the members are exempt from a membership fee. In a word, there is not an annual membership fee in the WCF.

Irrespective of capoeira group, any capoeira organization can become a WCF member. While admitting to the WCF, capoeira organization can keep its belt (cordao) system and attributes.


The membership to the federation is voluntarily. Federation has 3 forms of membership: full membership, associate membership and honorary membership.

The national capoeira federations and such organizations equal to them that accept the statute of Federation, participate in its events can be a full member of the WCF.

WCF records one such kind of organization from each country.

International groups and any kind of capoeira organizations (Associations, schools, clubs etc) having the same aims and objects with WCF can be Associate members of the WCF. Associate members participate in conferences with consultative vote.

Athletes, coaches (instructors) and other members of the WCF, as well as scientists, statesmen and public figures who significantly assisted to the development of the WCF can be a honorary member in the WCF.


What will membership give you?

It will be easy for WCF's members to join the international events as well as World and European Championships organized by WCF. Members who have full membership in the WCF will undertake registration procedure in its country. Full members of the WCF undertake to organize national championships with participation of all capoeira groups in its country and determine national team.

Participation in large-scale events that organize WCF will contribute rapid development of your organization and will increase admission of new members.

Winners of WCF competitions will be awarded by gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as diplomas and money (or valuable gifts. depends on age and category) award.

Moreover recognition of your organization by the WCF will give an opportunity to have Governmental and financial support in your country. Thus only those national organizations that have membership in international organizations receive financial support from the Government.


What is to be done to become a WCF member?

If your organization has Government registration, you have to send us by email copy (scanned version) of documents of your organization. After download (see link below) and fill in application form and send it by e-mail as well:

WCF will reply you 5 working days after you submit your application.