World Capoeira Federation


The World Capoeira Federation (WCF) is an international nonprofit organization for the purpose of promotion Capoeira as a sport worldwide. WCF recognizes Capoeira as a cultural heritage of Brazil and respects its historical roots and philosophy.

Today WCF is the only international Capoeira institute which organizes worldwide Capoeira events, Capoeira Coaching qualifications and International Capoeira Referee courses with participating of all international Capoeira groups.



The first idea about creation of World Capoeira Federation (WCF) was proposed during the 3rd World Capoeira Forum, which was organized on 18 June 2011 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The author of project is Jamil Huseyn. Later in October 2011, WCF was created and passed state registration in Estonia. The headquarters of the organization is in Tallinn, Estonia.



The main goal of the WCF is to promote sport Capoeira worldwide and to reach the entry of Capoeira into Olympic Games. Besides it also struggles to:

- involve people who love capoeira all over the globe, to join under one umbrella;

- develop friendly relations and coordination with all national capoeira federations and groups;

- involve all capoeira groups and schools to mass competitions;

- cooperate with the sport organizations, including International Olympic Committee as well as other organizations for the development of capoeira;

- to popularize capoeira together with national capoeira federations, groups, schools and other capoeira organizations;

- to train highly qualified sportsmen, trainers, referees, capoeira masters and other specialists;

- to comply its activity with the requirements of the Olympic Charter, International Conventions, Olympic Movement medical code and World anti-doping code and to follow them strictly;

- to defend the interests and rights of the sportsmen, trainers, capoeira masters and other specialists.




•    President —   Paulo Sales Neto 

•    Vice president —   Ramid Niftalijev 

•    Vice president —   Roman Belov 

•    Secretary General – Jamil Huseyn 

•    Chairman Council of Masters —   Luiz Alberto Simas 

•    Chairman of Referee Commission —   Andre Cerutti 




The Supreme Body of the Federation is its members’ "General Conference". General Conference is held at least once a year.

"Management Board" is a head of executive body of the Federation and is one of the principal bodies leading current activity of the Federation during General inter-Conference period. Management Board consists of 12 members. The chairman of the Management Board is considered as the President of the Federation.

"Supervisory Commission" is one of the principal bodies which realize control and inspection activity in the Federation and it consists of 5 members and a chairman. "Council of capoeira masters" is one of the principal bodies which recognizes capoeira masters in the world, records them, as well as, prepares technical procedural rules of capoeira in Federation.

"Arbitral Tribunal" is one of the main bodies of the Federation which solves disputable problems between members of the Federation and its decision is obligatory for all members.